Reiki Inspiration #1

Just for today…



Like water, our energies move through the world and our lives. We can emanate calm, soothing vibrations like gently rippling water. Or, we can allow anger and irritation, the lower vibrations, to control what we put out into the universe like a turbulent sea. One path inspires harmony. The other chaos.

Today, my pet was behaving very erratically. Instead of getting irritated, I chose to calm my thoughts. I invited Reiki into my bodymind. And I reached out to my pet. She balked at first. Then she wandered around the room. Finally, she went to her resting spot and relaxed, soaking in the Reiki energy.

Although I didn’t find out what set her off, her behavior improved dramatically, as did my mood.

Take time to center yourself, calm your mind, let the Reiki flow and the Reiki will do the rest. Just for today, take the path of harmony.




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