I Voted For …


As I walked up to my polling place (well, actually it was not officially my polling place as I choose to vote by mail-in-ballot, hand-delivered to the closest polling place), there were no hucksters trying to sway public opinion, no sign-wavers, the street was relatively quiet and it wasn’t what I expected.

In fact, the sun was shining, the birds were singing and the people working were not only pleasant, they were all smiling and happy to provide the service for this year’s election.

After all the negative energy of this election season, I fully expected something unpleasant to happen. I expected all the gloom and doom and danger the media were purporting would happen. The fact that nothing bad actually happened, filled me with a gratitude and renewed feeling of trust in the American people–something I felt that was slipping away from me this election year.

It made me recall something I’d learned long ago–not to buy into the fear-mongering, the negativity and ire of the media because ultimately it isn’t real. In the moment of everyday life what’s real is right in front of you. And you can pay attention to it, revel in it, make it good (or improve it) and honor it.

Feeling a lot better, I deposited my ballot. This year I voted for … hope.


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