Making mistakes is …


Before I  had 9-to-5 jobs, and before I began studying Reiki, I was a student and amateur writer. One of the things I had to fight to overcome as a writer is my tendency to be too self-critical. That old saying “I’m my own worst critic,” attributed to Adam Jones, was something that was always true for me when I was writing.

What I didn’t learn until much later was that to be a good writer you have to make mistakes and let them be, at least for a time. We’re all human. We all make mistakes. What makes us better is learning from those mistakes. This understanding is something to incorporate in all aspects of one’s daily life.

So, don’t berate yourself for mistakes. Instead, remember that making mistakes is how we better ourselves and how we learn.

Check out the following post from The Evolutionary Mind for more tips about being successful at writing.

Light and love,


First-Draft Success Every Time You Write

Your first-draft is the most important part of any writing project. This is the foundation to what will be your prized work of art.

Source: First-Draft Success Every Time You Write



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