Thank You …

I was standing in my back yard the day after one of the most horrendous events in New York City’s history. Still suffering some shock and disbelief, I heard the roar of two jets flying overhead.usa-flag-830720_640

Before the terrorist assault on us, it was a rare and annoying sound polluting the air with noise. But that day, I looked up my eyes filled with tears and I smiled. That day, the noise and jet trails gave me a feeling of security and safety. Those pilots up there were protecting us, keeping us safe and watching the skies. While the smoke was still visible in the distance, and the air was still clouded with tiny ash particles, those brave individuals were up there making sure there were no more attacks.

I looked up and said a silent prayer for their safety and then I waved at them and thanked them aloud. In fact, I shouted it, “Thank you for keeping us safe.”

On this Veterans Day I want to thank each and every member of our military forces, veterans and those in active duty alike. Thank you for what you do and have done to keep America and her people safe.


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