Busy doesn’t even begin…

As you may have noticed, I haven’t been posting here of late. This is because my mom has had some bad turns in her battle with breast cancer.

After her chemotherapy finished, and while we were waiting for the doctors to decide what to do next (apparently they couldn’t decide and changed their minds a couple of times–and it’s taken valuable time), she had a visit with her surgeon. We were very fortunate that during that follow-up appointment, the doctor realized she didn’t look right. Ultimately, that resulted in her being admitted and the test results showed she had indeed suffered a mild heart attack.

She’s doing better now but between juggling work demands and her need for more care, I’ve had little time to write here. However, I felt an update was neeeded.

As I close this post, I offer a reminder to all who are reading this to take the time right now to hug, call or write a loved-one. Often we put off for a more convenient time what we should do every day. So don’t put it off. They will thank you and love you for it if you take the time to do it now.

Again, thank you for your patience.


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