AoG is Always…

No matter how many lessons I learn, or how evolved I become, I keep falling into the trap of feeling sorry for myself. I guess that goes hand-in-hand with being a depressive.

I’ve overcome what once was probably clinical depression. These days, on a daily basis, I’m not depressed. However, it’s so easy to fall into the “woe is me” attitude when things don’t go my way.

One part of studying Reiki teaches developing the practice of an “attitude of gratitude.” Let’s face it: we all have things to be grateful for. The AoG helps to keep things in perspective when things aren’t ideal or when life throws boulders in our paths.
What is the AoG? Well, it’s remembering the good things in our lives.
For example, when I was growing up, we were very poor. Often when it rained it meant dumping out the buckets we had under the leaks in the roof.rain-432770_640
With all this rain we’ve been having in southern California, I can rest easy in the rainy weather. I’m so grateful for having a roof over our heads–a roof that doesn’t leak!
Another example is when I was growing up, I would have to wear layer after layer of clothing in cold weather because we had a flaky wall heater that would always fail in cold and windy weather.
I am so grateful that now when the weather gets too cold, I have an apartment that stays relatively warm and I have jackets to wear that are weather appropriate.
Another more current example is my mom’s battle with breast cancer. I’m grateful to her surgeon because if she hadn’t sent my mom for more treatment after her follow-up visit, we would not have known that she’d suffered a mild heart attack.  Now, she can be treated for her heart condition. I’m so grateful for that.
There’s an expression, “there but for the grace of G_d go I.” And, it is so true!
So when things don’t go your way, or it seems that the fates are against you, try to remember the AoG.
The Attitude of Gratitude always helps to keep things in persepctive. And, when your attitude changes for the positive, good things will have an easier time finding you.



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